Betty as a child:

At about 1 and 1/2 years of age

    Here she is at about 6 years

  Betty as a teenager / young woman:

  At Roseland Christian School

 Graduation Roseland Christian School, 1954

  Betty when she was the Church Organist

  As a bridesmaid

    High School Graduation, 1957

  Mattingly's 25th Anniversary Celebration, 1959

Nurses training:

  Dissecting a cat with roommate Margie

   In front of West Suburban Hospital

  Betty gets her Nurses Cap

  Graduation from Nurses Training, 1960

Wedding and Honeymoon:

  Wedding at Lorimer Baptist Church May 26, 1962

  Honeymoon in New York City

  Traveling through Europe summer 1963

  On the Riviera

Young family:

  With Mark in 1965

  All four Grandparents in 1966

  Betty with Linda, 1968

  Four Generations of Peting Women, 1968

  Family at Siltcoos Beach

  With kids in Corinth, Greece, 1971

  Matching Greek dresses

Portraits of Betty:

  1890's Costume show, 1969


  At Delphi, in Greece, 1971



Assorted family photographs:

  At the Oregon Coast, 1985

    1988, family now includes Julie

    1999 at the lakeside house

Retirement Travel:

  Boating with Carol John and Jane Pubols, 1996

  Another cruise with Johns and Lundquists, 1999

  On the Great Wall, 2004

On safari in South Africa, 2004

  In Veglio, Italy with Carol John, 2005

  With Margie Lundquist on Kauai, 2006